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Case studies

Find out more about how the research at Oxford is having an impact on business, culture, policy and health. By working with external partners we can accelerate the impact of research on the wider world.

Economic Rise of China

Oxford historians’ work on the role of Chinese consumers in the global economy, and on the ways in which Chinese consumerism may create more environ-mental and policy problems than it solves, has had a significant influence on business leaders.

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Modern Interpretations of Greek Chorus

Dr Lucy Jackson, one of the 2014-15 Knowledge Exchange Fellows at The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) looks back over some of the recent Greek productions at the National Theatre.

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Helping the ‘Greeks’ to run ...

Mathematical techniques developed by Professor Mike Giles have led to substantial reductions in the complexity of the Monte Carlo computer simulations run by large banks, cutting both computing costs and energy consumption.

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From the Minds of Babes: New frontiers i...

Medical professionals used to believe that babies simply don’t feel pain. Building on critical work started in Oxford in the 1980s that proved them wrong, Dr Rebeccah Slater is developing new ways to see inside the minds of newborns.

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Oxford and Cybersecurity 3 – The Acade...

With huge corporations working to tackle problems in cybersecurity, what role can universities play? Oxford academics discuss the unique contributions that can come to computer science from inside the ivory towers.

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